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This trip was when Isaac was up in London for the first time, January 2015. As I had just started working up in the UK I was only able to get a week off, but it was well spent. The first few days we dedicated to Paris. We got on the Eurostar from London so it was a nice easy trip up. We had booked our selves a cheap hotel not far from Gare de Lest so we didn’t have far to go once we got off the train. It was an okay area to stay, but as I said on my previous post about Paris I really enjoyed staying around Bastille it was much nicer with more to do in the area. The few days that we had here we tried to make our way through the Louvre, although I doubt we even made it through a quarter of it. It was really busy inside, and this was in January so definitely not a peek season. I can imagine that it would be really busy during the summer time. We made our way through the catacombs (taking so many photos in the hopes of getting a gost on camera) and one night we went to go and see the Crazy Horse show, which we opted for instead of the Moulin Rouge as it was quite a bit cheaper, and it still made for a great night out. After wards we went up the Eifel tower, joining the tourists with our selfies, and had a nice night strolling around the area. On one of the other nights we went to Sacre-Coeur to get a good View of Paris. It would have been a nice place to have a picnic.



We went to Geneva by train, about 4 hours long. My cousin Jane lives here, so we were coming to visit for the weekend. And she took us around and did some amazing things. She drove us about an hour out of Geneva and took us to a chocolate factory and afterwards to an out door spa overlooking the snow covered mountains. It was such an amazing view. The next day we drove up to the French Alps where Jane taught me to ski for the first time. This was a completely daunting experience, but I fell in love. It was my first time in snow, which was amazing enough and the fun of skiing added a whole new dimension. The snow was thick and heavy, making it difficult to see and a dangerous drive back down the mountain at the end of the day. That night we spent getting fondue and going to a whiskey bar, the perfect after-skiing feast for our last night in Geneva! Before we flew out the next day, Jane took us around the lake in Geneva, but that was all we had time to do before heading off. We were able to do amazing things based out of Geneva, it was definitely a weekend to remember.







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FB_IMG_1458645092157Thank goodness for family! I learned to ski over a year ago from my beautiful cousin Jane who lives in Geneva. So she invited me along to her ski trip in February with a few friends and family members, and I was lucky enough to have the days off to come and join them! While my skiing expertise was highly limited, Jane was a fantastic and patient coach.

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So we were heading to Laax, a few hours train ride from Zurich. I went by staff travel on Swiss air out of Heathrow. I had intended to take British airways, but unfortunately I got kicked off the flight. So I waited around until the next flight, which was Swiss air, and I was on my way. From the airport in Zurich I took a quick train into the city, where I transferred and got on the train to Chur. From here there was a bus that took us up to Laax. All up this took a few hours, but was a very simple process. Jane had booked a house that had 5 bedrooms, as we were in quite a large group with 3 kids, and slept everyone comfortably. We were about a 10 minute walk from Rocklounge, at the base of the chairlifts. Although it wouldn’t be fun to do that walk with all your ski gear on. Most people had their own gear with them, and I borrowed an old outfit from Jane, and Neil (her fathers) skis, although I did manage to severely bend one of his poles in one of my many clumsy moments. So all I had to do was hire some boots and get myself a ski pass. While Laax wasn’t one of the cheapest places to go, it had great slopes with not too many people around, even for school holidays. So my first night there I was greeted by some distant family and their friends!


My first day out of the slopes wasn’t the best day; it was very grey with low visibility, which made me a bit nervous. Also that I had skied a total of one day in my life, but I forgot to be nervous about that one. She’ll be right. Right? Lets just say my legs were black and blue, had a bent ski pole and managed to draw some blood from my knees, with Jane behind me encouraging me the whole way.

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Surprisingly on my second day I managed to stay upright the whole day, which was a huge confidence boost. We stuck to the nursery slopes in the morning, tried a few blues in the evening, and finished up on a small red in the evening. All in all a highly successful day.

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Day 3 of skiing was long and tiring, but so satisfying. We started off the morning going down some ‘lovely’ reds (as Jane would say), me snowplowing very carefully down the whole way, and in the evening headed to the other side of the mountain for some longer and flatter runs, which I found challenging again despite them being ‘easier’ then the reds, as you had to go faster which I was terrified of. All in all though it was a great day, and I came away absolutely exhausted.

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The last day of skiing we took easy which was a relief on my tired legs. I spent the morning skiing and the afternoon tobogganing with the kids, which was also terrifying for an Australian who never saw snow until she was 21. It took a lot of trial and error and adding a few more bruises onto my battered legs to get the hang of it. Unfortunately it was the last day on the slopes, and the next day I got a lift back to Zurich airport and was on my way back to London.FB_IMG_1464786626323