I am Jemma, a flight attendant from Perth, Australia, and currently residing in London.

I moved up to London in October 2014 and I am coming up to the last 6 months of my time here, so I’ve got to squeeze in the european travel! I have done my fair share over the last year and a half, and I thought what better way to document my experiences then by sharing them.

Since moving to London I have been in a long distance relationship with my partner   and travel budy, Isaac, who accompanies me on most of the larger trips that I do through Europe before returning to Perth.
Our travel tends to be on a very strict budget!

I spend most of my spare time in London practicing yoga, which I fell in love with nearly a year ago.

I love my travel and I have loved the experience of living in london, how ever my heart and soul lies in Australia, and more accurately, under the sun and the sea. You would never be able to tell because my skin has been translucent for quite a while now, but I dont live by stereotypes here so its all okay. I miss scuba diving incredibly, its been a few years now since I have been diving, when I spent 2 weeks diving in Thailands beautiful tropical waters. I learnt to dive during my year completing my marine studies course in Fremantle, Perth, and slowly built my way up to a rescue diver.

Enjoy reading about my life experiences travelling the world with a new blog post every wednesday!


Paris 2015

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