Feeling Spanish | Barcelona Travel Diary

This was pretty impromptu trip. I had a week off in January 2015 with no real travel plans, so I put it out there to a few friends to come and join me in Barcelona. I went ahead and booked a room with 4 beds in a hostel, and told people to come and join me if they had any free days. The first night I spent there with a friend Hannah. She was just staying the first 2 nights. We booked our selves onto a city bus tour, so we had a great time getting the history of the city and seeing the tourist sights. We went down to the harbour that night for paella and sangria, with a beautiful sunset for the show.


As Hannah was leaving, my housemate Caroline arrived. We hired bikes for the day and rode along the coast all day, terrified of being killed in Barcelona, stopping for lunch before turning back. For January we had lovely weather, a big relief from our first winter in London. Caris and Dan arrived that night, and we stayed at the hostel for dinner as they had some flamenco dancers performing that night, which was great fun to see. We went out afterwards to a cocktail bar named after some famous rehab clinic in America, which we were told had great cocktails. Unfortunately the ones that we ordered tasted how band aids smell (plasters), but it made for a fun night anyway.


Again we spent the next day wandering by the harbour and the beach, and walking along the streets and shopping a little. We found a great place for tapas that night and continued with the sangria theme. The culture and the food were amazing and it made for a very social week, I cannot wait until I can go back and do more of Spain, Ideally incorporating it with a road trip through Portugal. That will have to go on the list of places where to travel! I only got a taster of Spain.




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