English road trip | Travel Diary

My mum and dad came to visit me last September, staying for just over 3 weeks. We were throwing around a lot of ideas for travel, Norway, Spain, France, all very appealing options, but we decided instead to hire a car and do a trip around Cornwall and a trip to the Cotswold’s as none of us had done anything around the UK other than London and visiting some family further north. So a year into my time in London and I finally get to see what else the country has to offer.

I have a cousin in London, Gemma (I know, same name, very confusing). She has been living in London the last 10 years, so for me coming to London has been a great experience with her here to see. We were all heading to the Cotswold’s for the weekend together. We picked a bed and breakfast about 10 minutes out of Stroud. The bnb had a great view; it was such a beautiful part of the world. The weekend that we were in Stroud they had an arts festival on so the streets were lined with food trucks and music stands, it was a really lively atmosphere. Over the weekend we were making trips out to the other villages, all my mum wanted to do was to see a thatched roof (which we saw many of). We headed back to London after a few days, stopping in Oxford on the way for some lunch and a little look around the place. We checked out one of the universities, and a walk around the grounds and then got rained out of oxford.

So we left Gemma behind in London, and a few days later set out for Cornwall. The first day we stayed the night in Cheddar gorge, but on the way there we made a few stops. The first was Windsor castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. We saw the changing of the guard, and then made out way to Bath for lunch. It was a beautiful city, known (obviously) for the roman baths. Passing through the city was a bit tricky as we couldn’t find anywhere to park for more then an hour, so it was a quick lunch and look around and then we had to go. So we drove through Bristol, saw the suspension bridge and walked along the cliffs. We then made out way to Cheddar, where we stayed at a bnb. We found ourselves a good pub for dinner and called it a night.

Cheddar gorge is known for its caving and rock climbing, and this has provided a bit of tourism for the region. Also there is a little something about cheese in there too. So dad and I took to rock climbing for an hour with an instructor, our first time doing rock climbing out doors. For any experienced rock climbers there are loads of routes throughout the gorge. We also took a tour through one of the larger caves. There are caving activities that you can do that involve more hard hats and crawling through holes and mud, but we didn’t get around to these. After a great morning and lunch here, we made out way to Bideford for the night. Here we stayed at an inn, very close to the water. We walked around the pebble beach and headed back for dinner.


St Ives was on the list for the next day! On the way we stopped at Tintagel to see the castle ruins. We made it to St Ives late afternoon. The weather had finally decided to put out for us so we had the sun shining down. It was such a beautiful town, we wandered around and tried to look for accommodation, but everything was booked out. This was obviously a place where you have to book in advance. Instead we had to book somewhere in Penzance, a town not too far off. So we kept wandering and had dinner by the water before heading to Penzance for the night.



We made a few stops the next day, at Mousehole, St Michaels mound and drove to Lands End, the western most point of England. We were lucky with the weather, and the scenery was magnificent with the cliffs overlooking the water. It was a long and beautiful day, and we ended up in Lyme Regis for the night.


Our last day of our trip we headed to Lizard, the southern most point of England! Once again we were greeted by fantastic views and blessed with good weather. We found a spot just outside of Plymouth to spend the night and enjoy a nice fathers day dinner!


We had a breakfast in Plymouth, and then started to make out way back to London. On the way we stopped at Stonehenge, the worlds best known prehistoric monument. While you have to pay 20 pound or so each to get up closer to it, you can also opt to not pay! It’s a bit of a walk from the heritage site building, and once you get there, if you are opting not to pay, you just stand behind at the fence about 7 meters behind those who are paying. This just means that you wont be able to walk around Stonehenge and see it from different angles, and you will struggle to take a photo without people in it, but if you don’t have the money for it you will still get a great view of the monument. It was incredibly awe-inspiring, to think how long ago it was build and to make assumptions on its purpose, and how far they had to move the stones from their origin in Whales. It was a highlight to see this, I wouldn’t miss it for anything



2 thoughts on “English road trip | Travel Diary

  1. elliebleu June 30, 2016 / 1:50 am

    What a fun trip. I love your travel photos.


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